Best Dash Cams 2018: 12 of the best dashboard cameras

Thinkware F770

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Key features:

  • 1/2.9-inch 2.19MP Sony Exmor CMOS
  • MP4 recording at up to 1,920 x 1,080 and 30fps at 9.5Mbps
  • GPS sensor and G-sensor to detect accidents
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Rear-view camera option
  • Parking Surveillance mode

The Thinkware F770 looks a little different to the average dash cam, sitting horizontally on the dashboard with no screen. To get a view of the road, you download the Thinkware app on your phone and connect to the F770 via Wi-Fi, which will also give you a variety of options on your phone screen, including live monitoring of what the camera can see, with guide marks so you can ensure positioning is correct.
The F770 runs on a Sony Exmor CMOS, with 2.19-megapixel resolution. There’s no Super HD resolution available – just Full HD at 1080p at 30 frames per second. Footage is recorded at a fairly respectable 9.5Mbps bitrate on the front camera, with mono 48kHz audio at 728Kbps. You get a 16GB microSD in the box for storing footage.
The 16GB option will keep around 200 minutes of footage from the front camera only. The footage will loop if the storage hits full capacity, unless an incident has been tagged.
There’s an optional rear-view camera which you can attach to the F700, offering footage at a lower 8Mbps. It’s an extra £50 for the rear-view camera, but it does com with an additional 32GB microSD card, and it adds a level of versatility that other high-end dash cams simply aren’t capable of.
Built-in GPS will store the location of incidents, and there’s a range of useful notifications for while you’re driving. You get a warning when you approach the car in front too closely, notifications when you’re straying from your lane on a motorway, and an audible message when the car in front moves in a stationary traffic queue.
While the F770 comes sans-screen, its versatility and optional extras make it a reliable dashbard camera.
At the time of the review the Thinkware F770 was available for £249