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iCloud Drive

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Available on iOS and Mac
While iCloud Drive doesn’t offer a separate app, no list of cloud storage providers would be complete without mentioning Apple’s offering.

iCloud Drive is the new and improved version of Apple’s iCloud service for iOS and OS X users. As such the service is baked into both the mobile and desktop operating systems and simply works in the background.

Typical of the Cupertino based tech giant, iCloud Drive is a very device-focused service meaning there’s no official support for any non-Apple devices. You’ll also find that trying to access iCloud via a mobile browser is very difficult. There are, however, a few third-party app solutions which help bridge the gap for those using the iCloud service between iOS and Android.

While iCloud Drive does offer Windows desktop support, which will allow you to drag and drop files into a dedicated folder, only Mac and iOS users get to make full use of the service. Benefits include cross-device support for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, contacts, notes, calendars and photos. Unlike Google Drive’s free option, backing up your photos will use up your iCloud Drive space.

To edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations across all devices, users will need a bunch of Apple’s other apps in order to work seamlessly between an iPhone, iPad or Mac. These are named Pages, Numbers and Keynote and each of them tap directly into iCloud Drive, making sure all your files are kept up to date.

iCloud Drive works well but unless you are using Apple’s hardware, you’ll probably be better off using one of the other cloud storage services.

What you get:

All iCloud users get 5GB of space for free. You can use this to back up your device if you wish but seeing as this eats up the space quickly you are better off backing up to your computer, freeing up the space for email, documents and photos. Some games can save their data to iCloud Drive as well, meaning you can save a games progress on your phone and carry on via your iPad.
For 79p a month you can upgrade your storage to 20GB. 200GB costs £2.99 per month, 500GB is £6.99 and the 1TB option will empty your pockets at £14.99 per month.