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Platforms: iOS, Android

Plex is a very powerful media streaming service for the home. Based on the XBMC framework (now known as Kodi), the software turns your personal computer into a media server that gives you access to all the films, photos and music stored on a computers hard drive from a multitude of devices via a beautiful and slick interface. Using Plex on the Chromecast is just as easy as any of the other apps, with the user being just a couple of taps away from connecting Plex to the TV via the Cast icon.
Like YouTube, Plex supports playlists and can stream shows back to back should you fancy sitting down for a box set marathon. Unlike YouTube, Plex displays a very short countdown between shows with the title and synopsis of the next episode on the screen, complete with cover art. This can be particularly useful for those wanting a time out to put the kettle on or if you fancy skipping an episode you know to be a bad one.
Plex also offers a bit more control over the Chromecast compared to other apps with the ability to fast forward or rewind in 30 second increments as well as controlling the volume by either using the built in volume slider or the devices volume buttons. It also keeps track of what you’ve watched as well as knowing how much of a show you’ve already seen, so it’s really easy to pick up where you left off.

App price: Free
Service price: Free, £3.99 a month or £119.99 lifetime

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