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Platform: Android and iOS

If you dwell in the UK and don’t have a subscription to SKY, the best way to watch all the latest tv shows, live sport and a few fairly recent movies shortly after they’ve aired is via NOW TV. Content available through the service is steadily increasing with some big name shows attracting hoards of users. Thankfully, Sky has joined the growing Chromecast movement so you aren’t tied to watching the NOW TV offerings via your device or through their own TV box. The app is smooth and content streams quickly but the interface cold do with a few tweaks and a bit of polish. Connecting the app to the Chromecast is just two taps away and watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead on a bigger screen is something we highly recommend.
The details:

App price: Free
Service price: £6.99 per month for TV, £9.99 per month for Movies and £6.99 per day for Sport