Best Chromecast apps to download 2016

BBC iPlayer

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Platform: Android, iOS and Chrome desktop browser

The UKs premier catch up service is a must-have for all TV junkies and is really simple to use. Having been available on iOS, Android and via the Chrome browser for years now, most people will be familiar with how the BBC iPlayer interface works. Using the app on the Chromecast won’t change how you use the app, you simply navigate to what you want to watch and hit the play button. The one single difference to normal operation is the fact you have to press the Chromecast icon and connect the app to the Chromecast plugged into your TVs HDMI socket. It is that simple. Streaming to the TV is very smooth and the quality is excellent (as excellent as your broadband will allow) but the one gripe we found is the lack of subtitle support. The native app has subtitles available but for some reason there is no way to enable them once you have the show streaming via the Chromecast. That will be a pretty big issue for some people. Sort it out BBC!

App price: Free
Service price: Free