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Best Apple TV Games 2016

Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising

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Developer: Fishlabs
Price: £3.99

While most Apple games provide you with an option to use a traditional controller, Manticore Rising is an Apple TV exclusive and exists only to extol the virtues of the Siri Remote. In this gorgeous 3D space shooter, you’ll use the gyroscope to control your ship and the trackpad to boost, break or roll it. You can also click to use your power ups.
The controls take some (a lot of) getting used to, but after that this game is actually pretty enjoyable. As the AI takes care of the shooting, all you’ll need to do is line up the waves of enemies in your sights during the sustained dogfight-style combat.
As you strive to rescue stranded crewmates and add them to your squad, you’ll have to endure some pretty terrible voice acting and some pretty mean bosses, but if you can get past that and the steep learning curve with the Siri Remote, you’ve got a great looking action game that’s plenty of fun to play.