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Best Apple TV Games 2016


The top 10 games to play on your new Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV set-top box is Cupertino’s bid to revolutionise television, but it’s also the firm’s first stab at bringing the might of the App Store’s gaming library to your living room screen.
The powerful new hockey puck is awash with games, all of which can be controlled using the new motion-sensing Siri Remote. As well as a gyroscope and accelerometer for tiling, swinging and steering, the accessory also features a trackpad for clicking and swiping your way through an array of titles.
Some games, like Beat Sports, have been designed exclusively with the new Wiimote-like remote in mind, while others, such as Alto’s Adventure are direct ports from the iOS apps that deploy the touch-sensitive trackpad in the same way as an iPhone’s touchscreen.
The jury is still out on whether the Apple TV can ever provide a console-like experience, but even in its infancy there are plenty of games to showcase its obvious potential.
Some games in the App Store are better served with a compatible Bluetooth gamepad as using the bundled in remote proves downright infuriating at times.
However, we’ve picked out ten varied titles we think you’ll enjoy simply without splashing out more cash on an expensive additional gamepad.

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