Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Piel Frama FramaSlim

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This is a luxury case built for fashion-conscious consumers, but it’s not as expensive as you might expect it to be. Hand-made from calf leather, the production process apparently takes 25 days, and it shows. It’s clean and stylish, and the black leather exterior feels lovely to hold. However, it’s also quite thick and heavy, doubling the iPad Air 2’s thickness and significantly adding to its weight.

Surprisingly, it isn’t particularly protective. The Piel Frama case leaves the corners above and below the hinge exposed to the elements, and the top and bottom edges of the iPad sit flush with the leather, rather than sheltered by it. In all honesty, anyone who chooses to purchase what is effectively a shell made from expensive leather probably isn’t after the highest levels of protection, and we’re not convinced that it will survive a drop without getting a little scuffed up.

The cutouts for the camera and Apple logo are positioned sloppily, making the rear look messier than the front. The leather is also a little too slick for this to be held under your arm, as many of us do. Still, if you want to be taken seriously in the board room, this won’t exactly hinder you.

Price: £50