Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

NueVue Cotton Twill

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NueVue’s case is targeted largely at germaphobes, and we’ve never seen so much guidance for a traditionally simple product. As well as the actual case, the box comes packed with wet and dry cleaning wipes, which polish your screen like a dream, loads of instructions and lens wipes for good measure.

The case itself is simple and attractive, built more for casual users than professionals – think rucksacks or messenger bags, more than briefcases. The exterior is soft cotton twill, while the interior is packed with loads of microfibres which NueVue claims kills off 99.9% of the bacteria you’d typically find residing on a screen. The idea is that each time you extract the iPad from the case, its screen will rub against the germ-killing inner lining and clean itself.

The NueVue is nicely-padded too, which offers a decent level of protection, though we’re not sure how it would fare against a four-foot drop onto concrete. We’d trust the cheaper but uglier Proporta Slimline case over it. It’s unfortunately not as practical as the other models though, as it requires you to fully remove the iPad every time you want to use it.

Price: $45 (£30)