Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Krusell Malmö FlipCover

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The FlipCover is lightweight, slim and clean-looking but one of the dullest cases we tested. It’s more attractive than the Proporta Slimline, but that’s not saying much. From the front, it looks like it has all corners and sides covered, but the rear cover is slightly too small, failing to protect the top and bottom edges adequately. The cutouts for the camera, volume buttons and power are perfectly-sized and positioned though.

It’s easy to twist into stand mode, but our sample flipped over when we applied pressure to the top of the screen. It’s also a little too snug for our liking – inserting the iPad takes some serious effort, and the power buttons gets a real hammering in the process. Pulling it back out is even worse, requiring elbow grease and much gritting of the teeth. The textured finish offers some level of grip, but it’s still not the easiest to hold under your arm.

For the same price, we prefer the NueVue, which offers a better all-round home for your Apple tablet.

Price: £29.99