Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Tough Case

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The Survivor is a little more difficult to dismantle and put back together than the other cases, but that’s the whole point of the Griffin. Once assembled, this will upgrade the robustness of your Air 2. It’s a rugged monster, built of hard-wearing plastic and rubber, that’s supposed to protect the entire iPad from dirt, sand, rain, shocks and vibrations. No other case in this round-up comes anywhere close, in terms of protection, and we’re sure it’d put up a decent fight against a hammer

The plastic screen protector unfortunately takes away some of the iPad’s responsiveness and the sheer bulk of the case makes it about four times thicker than normal and a pain to carry, but this isn’t your everyday tablet case. It’s built to survive tough conditions, and has been tested to military standards. Our biggest criticism is that it looks it should come alongside an Action Man figure – the macho design looks a bit tacky.

If you want something that’s built to offer maxmium protection, this is the one.

Price: £49.99