Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Encase FlexiShield Gel Case

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This is a very similar offering to the Encase Smart Cover and the Proporta Slimline, minus the front cover. The translucent gel shell keeps the iPad Air 2 thin and light, but wraps around all of the tablet’s corners and sides, offering a good level of protection. The raised bezels also prevent the front screen from making contact with flat surfaces when you place the iPad down face first, though this is nowhere near as protective as a front cover, for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, the button covers require a fair bit of force for pushes to register, and it’s not the best-looking case we’ve come across but there’s plenty of different colour options available. For a tenner, this is an excellent basic case, but if you’re after something tougher and more attractive, we’d advise you to look elsewhere.

Price: £9.99