Best iPad Air 2 case 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Barbour iPad Air 2 case

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Another case for consumers with a fair bit of spare dosh lying around, this isn’t anywhere near as gorgeous as Piel Frama’s leather offering but its quilted canvas exterior and tartan lining still make a impression, both on the eyes and the fingers.

The fabric is prone to picking up dust, but these are pretty easy to brush away. The bottom left hand corner leaves the iPad a little exposed, but overall protection is generally better than what we expected.

However, a plastic flap on the interior of the Barbour case that secures the iPad in place makes sliding it in and out very fiddly indeed. It’s also just as thick and weighty as the FramaSlim. The cutouts for the volume buttons are also slightly off, meaning that you’ll have to dig around a little to adjust sound levels.

The case doubles up as a stand, but our unit kept collapsing under pressure, which isn’t exactly ideal, especially at this price. While it might look the part, there’s better options that offer a better balance of style and protection.

Price: £54.95