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Turbo Launcher EX

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We found Turbo Launcher EX to be one of the very best-looking custom interfaces. While not quite as simple-looking as Google Now, it has a clean and cute look and we found that its custom themes were quite consistent compared with those of some of the other launchers. It’s partly because the team behind the app seems to have included a bunch of its own ones.

You can make Turbo Launcher’s icons super-large or smaller, and control how many apps are crammed into the home screens and apps menu.

In its Google Play page, Turbo Launcher’s makes boast about its 3D engine, but the 3D elements are sensibly kept to a minimum. This is largely a 2D-style interface, with 3D animations on tap if you want them.

There are still a few bits that could be cleaned up a little, as there are some interface elements that look a little bit clunky if your phone uses software soft keys rather than hardware ones. But fingers crossed these’ll be looked at in an update soon.

With quick performance, good looks and a system that holds together well, Turbo Launcher is just an update or two away from becoming a pretty great alternative to Google Now for ‘normal’ users who don’t want an inordinate amount of tweaking power.

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