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Solo Launcher

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If the other Launcher apps here sound a bit overdone, you may well get on well with Solo Launcher. It’s a much simpler kind of interface changer that doesn’t try to redesign Android from the ground up.

Instead, you start off with an interface that looks a bit like a fairly ordinary take on the Android 4.4 interface, with the ability to apply themes to it to get a snazzier look. We weren’t too keen on the slightly dated-looking generic Solo Launcher theme so we had a bit of an explore in the themes section to see what we could find.

There are some decent ones available, but if you’re looking for that dramatic new look or feel for your phone, you won’t find it in Solo Launcher. We also found that some of the themes have that slightly quirky home-brew vibe.

However, there’s still loads of value in this great little free launcher if you’re out for a simple, familiar feel.

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