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Smart Launcher 2

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Not all Android launchers radically change the way the system is laid out, but Smart Launcher 2 certainly does. It makes your main home screen something that looks much more like a lock screen, with six icons giving you access to the most commonly-used apps – the browser, music player, camera and so on.

When you first start up the app, it asks which of these you want to use, getting the annoying duplicate apps issue that often happens with Android phones. Crucially, this home screen looks pretty good too.

The rest of your apps are then split up into six categories within the main apps menu, which also looks quite different from the norm. Smart Launcher is all about changing things.

Although Smart Launcher 2 may seem progressive, it actually makes using your smart phone a bit more like using and old feature phone. All that flicking about is flicked away in favour of, for the most part, just a single tap on an icon.

As such, it’ll be a bit too reductive for some of you, but we think it’s worth checking out for those of you who are a bit fed up of dealing with your phone’s idiosyncracies. Smart Launcher more-or-less wipes them away. It should also seriously help out with phones that are a bit laggy, as there’s so much less basic navigation to be done here.

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