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Google Now

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So how Google is the Google Now interface? It’s pretty fantastic actually. Quick, simple and clear, it’s everything an Android interface should be.

Even if your phone already has ‘generic’ Android 4.4, we still think you should check out Google Now as it makes a few bits of the system look purer. For example, it gets rid of the apps/widgets sections in the apps menu, instead putting widgets into a separate menu you access by holding a finger down on the home screen. The icons also have a new look.

Google Now is an interface that requires zero effort, zero extra customisation. However, that may mean that some of you more advanced Android users may prefer some of the other launchers we talk about here. It doesn’t give you extra customisation, and doesn’t let you apply extra themes to tweak the look of the system.

You can of course alter wallpapers and add widgets – the kind of stuff you can do with just about any Android launcher.

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