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Buzz Launcher

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Few Android launcher apps have as much sheer scope as Buzz Launcher. It’s almost hard to call it a single launcher as the various ‘homepacks’ you can get for it completely alter what it is like to use.

Buzz Launcher is shortcut-based, and each of these homepacks (the equivalent of themes) offers a new design for the face of your phone. As they’re based around fairly static layouts, they can each be totally, radically different. The issue is, of course, that as a result they’re quite prescriptive. If there’s a link for Dropbox, for example, you can’t get rid of that icon, only alter what app it takes you to.

They all give you access to your apps menu, though, so you’ll never be truly lost with one. The way Buzz Launcher works does mean you need to spend a while trying out different Homepacks, though. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.

If you want an interface that is really something a bit different, something that shows off the creative skills of the person that made it, you’ll find plenty to like in Buzz Launcher.

There is a sense, though, that it is a little limited by its own scope. Buzz Launcher is all about different looks, and customisation on offer is all in the hands of the people making the homepack layouts, not the people using them. You can only make quite basic changes as the user, such as moving some of the elements around. And some Homepacks aren’t really designed to let you do this either.

You really need to find a Homepack you love to make Buzz Launcher worthwhile. But there are plenty available for free if you like the sound of this dramatic phone facelift launcher.

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