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Apex Launcher Pro

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Most launchers try to give you a distinct look or feel, but Apex Launcher is all about ramping-up the control you have over your home screens and the apps menu. It lets you fit a frankly ridiculous maximum number of app icons on each, letting you seriously supercharge how much you can make use of your phone or tablet’s screen pixels.

The icon dock at the bottom of your home screens can hold up to seven icons and have several pages of them. The apps screen can display well over 100 apps per page, in teeny-tiny icon form. Would you want it to? Probably not, but Apex Launcher is a great bit of software for people who want to max-out how visible their apps are. Gone are those dozen pages of apps with Apex.

We do think it’s best to stick to a slightly more middle-off-the-road layout though. Rather than making your apps menu a 10 x 10 grid, stick to 6 x 5 and you’ll be able to fit loads of icons on-screen while still being able to see what they are. Best of both worlds, no?

The default Apex Launcher theme is pretty basic – it’s not going to get anyone excited – but you can change the look of it with themes too. There are quite nice-looking ones available for free from Google Play. You alter the theme from within a special Apex Settings app that’s present when you use the Launcher.

We think Apex Launcher needs a bit too much work to perfect to be attractive to absolutely everyone, but for the more hardcore Android user it’s great.

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