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Best Android Camera App for Time-Lapse Photography: Lapse It

Time lapse photography is one of the few areas of the camera world that hasn’t really taken off with mobile snappers. Why not? Mostly because it’s a big old pain in the backside. Lapse It does its best to make it easier.

Time lapse involves taking a shot every second, every minute – any specified interval – and then bringing them together to make a video that appears to show time passing at turbo speed. You can create some spectacular effects, especially as the limits of your phone are minimised by what time lapse does to your shots. Not to mention that you’re effectively shooting stills, not video.

While the Lapse It interface is pretty basic and ugly, the control it gives you is very good. You can pick how often a shot is captured, down to the millisecond, and alter the kind of settings you have access to in a decent ‘standard’ camera app. Scene modes, white balance settings, ISO – they’re all there to play with.

The only real limitation we found is that the rate of shooting does depend on how fast your camera is. If it’s a slow poke, it may simply not capture as many frames as you ask.

Once you’ve taken your time lapse video, you can add effects, trim the results and even add music to the footage. A bunch of features are only available in the paid version, including soundtracks, but  there’s enough in the free one to get a feel for Lapse it.

There’s little gloss to the Lapse It experience, but it’s worth checking out if experimenting with time lapse photography appeals.

Price: £1.99 (Free version available)

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