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Best Android Camera App for Features: Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX is probably the app most commonly-cited as the best camera app replacement for Androids. It’s a true powerhouse if you want your images to look a bit different from the norm.

It is positively brimming with features. Top of the list is the ridiculous array of filters and processing you can do to your photos, without requiring another app.

Camera Zoom FX prompts you to apply an effect to your photos as soon as you press the shutter button, and you can even download additional filters from Google Play. Just search for Zoom FX on the app store and you’ll see a bunch of extra downloads made by the app’s creator.

Contrary to what the title might suggest, it’s not all about the zoom in Camera Zoom FX.

The app also offers a bunch of gridlines to help you produce more creative-looking photos. The most basic set of gridlines you get in almost any camera is based on the rule of thirds, where the field is split into a 3×3 grid. But there are plenty more options out there.

Other basic shooting features on offer include software stabilisation and inbuilt photo collages.

However, we don’t think Camera Zoom FX is for everyone. It’s not exactly the prettiest interface on the block, and its feature heavy approach leaves the interface feeling quite busy. If fast and simple is what you’re after, Camera Zoom FX is not the place to start.

You can try the app our for free, though. That version just limits the number of modes and filters you have access too.

£0.99 (Free version available)

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