Best Note 4 S Pen apps that need to get better

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

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Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro has been used as a good way to show off the stylus powers of the Note-series devices for years now. It’s easy to see why as well. It’s a mostly-fantastic, pretty easy to use app that offers full S Pen optimisation, layers and plenty of different brushes. For drawing and virtual painting, this is one of our standard go-to apps.

The only real issue is that we want more. At present, both the canvas size and the number of layers you can implement are limited.

Canvas size is the real roadblock. You can only create images up to 6.5 megapixels in size – half the resolution of Photoshop Touch.

If you’re just making images to use on mobile devices, it’s no real issue. However, if you want to touch up images on the go, then transfer them to a computer for more editing and final touches, there’s a good chance this resolution simply won’t be high enough.

We’re getting to the level of mobile phone development where 6.5 megapixels is starting to look quite stingy too. With several gigabytes of RAM and – at least in some configurations – a 64-bit processor, phones like the Galaxy Note 4 offer scope for much more challenging image-editing tasks.

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