Best Note 4 S Pen apps that need to get better

Adobe Photoshop Touch

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Photoshop Touch is one of the most expensive big-name Android apps. It’s the full fat alternative to the freebie Android version of Photoshop, called Photoshop Express.

It gets you some heavy-duty features, but on a phone it’s currently very limited. Adobe makes versions for both phones and tablets, and while the phone edition cost half the price, it also only has about half the features.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a phone that can really handle the power of the tablet version thanks to the precision of the pen, and the extra grunt of the phone’s processor – especially the 64-bit Exynos edition.

All the versions are quite limited at present, though. And it’s something we want to see lifted as the next generation of 64-bit phones start to appear.

Top-end phones with more RAM and faster processors should mean we can wave goodbye to the two most serious issues that affect all higher-end art apps: a tight maximum on layers, and limited image resolution.

To be fair to Adobe, Photoshop Touch has some of the least drastic limits in these areas. You can produce images up to 12 megapixels and they can have up to 16 layers.

It’s a solid spec, but for really complicated images, the more layers you have to play with the better. The latest desktop version of Photoshop offers thousands of maximum layers. The power of your computer is more of a cap than the software.

We also want to see Photoshop Touch be fully integrated into the wider Photoshop ecosystem for top devices like the Note 4. At present, when importing PSDs, the native file format of Photoshop, formatting and layers are not preserved when a PSD is imported. This is a real shame, and means the Touch edition is still very much a separate entity even if it is linked into the Creative Cloud – which is where all the latest-generation Adobe Creative Suite apps live.

Price: £6.99

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