Best Note 4 S Pen apps that need to get better

Adobe Photoshop Express

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We love that Adobe has made a free mobile version of Photoshop. We also love that it gets you the RAW camera support missing from the flimsier versions of image editing apps that seem to offer similar features to Photoshop Express.

But it still isn’t very good. The actual editing you can do isn’t really any better, more advanced than many free editing apps out there.

In fact, a lot of it is covered by in the inbuilt Note 4 image editor – you don’t need a PhD to crop an image and fiddle with the contrast a bit.

There are also signs that Photoshop Express comes from the stable of a big company. It may be free, but there aren’t half some fees to pay if you decide to actually use it longer-term.

Part of the point of the app is to push Adobe Revel, a photo sharing network that’s a way to show photos to family and friends without having them splashed all over the internet Facebook-style. However, it costs £4.35 a month, which seems a bit steep given the sheer number of free cloud services there are online.

You also have to pay for the more advanced features, the sort of things that aren’t covered by every other image editing app under the sun.

An ‘advanced’ features pack gets you the noise reduction and de-fog filters, which help give your images a more contrasty, cleaner look. We really want to see Adobe dig deep and offer a few features like this without an extra £3.05 fee. Because at present, it feels a bit like a micro transactions trap.

Right now, it doesn’t properly support the S Pen stylus either. It’s not as essential as it would be in an all-out drawing app, but for an app that really has hidden costs for more advanced users, it seems a shame for it not to have full support for the Note 4.

Price: Free (with in app purchases)

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