Best Note 4 S Pen apps that need to get better


We love the S Pen but the Note apps need to get better. We pick the Android apps we hope will make better use of the Note 4’s best feature

The Galaxy Note 4 is here, and once again it offers something very

important that you just don’t get in its more famous brother the Galaxy

– a brilliant S Pen stylus.

This is a digitiser stylus that’s

pressure sensitive and much more accurate than the capacitive styluses

you can get for other phones. Of course, you need an app that really

uses that extra hardware to make the S Pen stylus worthwhile.


has packed the Note 4 with its own ways to use the stylus, but there

are others out there too. As the Note series has been around for years,

there are plenty of apps that can make use of the phone’s drawing

skills. Here are the top picks, and how they need to be improved for the

next-gen Note gangbuster.