6 Games Crying Out for Project Morpheus Support

Mirror’s Edge 2

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We know there are a few motion sickness issues with the Oculus Rift, and they may affect Project Morpheus too. But by the time Mirror’s Edge 2 comes out, we think they’ll have been greatly improved. They’ll need to be, because the motion of Mirror’s Edge 2 would make for a seriously intense experience.

Having Project Morpheus hooked up to Mirror’s Edge 2 would put you firmly in the shoes of free-running protagonist Faith, as she scales buildings and tackles enemies head on with punches and kicks, rather than guns.

Anyone who played the first Mirror’s Edge will know how exhilarating vaulting over obstacles, sprinting along walls and sliding under closing gates felt when you timed it just right, or when you finally managed to complete that time trial you’d been running repeatedly for hours.

Mirror’s Edge would be perfect with Project Morpheus, but we challenge you not to feel a bit queasy after the first try.