6 Games Crying Out for Project Morpheus Support

inFamous: Second Son

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Looking down and seeing the power erupt from your hands might just fulfil every child’s dream of becoming a super hero. It’s the bread and butter of inFamous.

Seeing as Sony just announced its PS4 Project Morpheus headset, virtual reality support for future inFamous games seems a given. There’s a lot of dev work to be done, as all the inFamous games to date have used a third-person perspective, but it would be worth it. 

Zooming from pavement to rooftop might give you a little vertigo with virtual reality, but it would in real life too. If you could play as Delsin Rowe and experience the beautifully crafted Seattle game world first hand, blowing up vehicles and Department of Unified Protection soldiers as you go, using Oculus Rift, we doubt you’d want to go back to solo controller gameplay.