Upgrade the storage on your Nintendo Switch with this bargain 128GB microSD card

Black Friday is here, so get your wallet ready and prepare to splash out on some of the best deals of the year.

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console that will surely be one of the biggest sellers this Christmas. If you’re picking one up, or already have one, this deal is for you.

Picstop.com is currently offering a SanDisk 128GB microSD – that’s the format supported by the Switch, and numerous Android phones – for a mere £29.99. That’s a huge saving on the frankly ridiculous £79.99 RRP. It’s also cheaper than the same card on Amazon, which is currently selling for £44.99.

This is a Class 10 microSD XC card and it’s the same one many of us here at Trusted Reviews use in the Switch. Considering the Switch has only 32GB of internal storage, and the fact that some games are absolutely huge, expandable storage really is the way forward if you want to load up that console with plenty of great titles.

Some games – NBA 2K18, for example – even require an SD card; you won’t be able to play them at all without one.

In our review of the Nintendo Switch we said: ‘I feel like Nintendo has been the most forward-thinking of the ‘big three’ hardware manufacturers. While Sony and Microsoft chase the top end in performance with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Nintendo is chasing me, as a consumer, by adopting the core attribute that’s made Netflix, Amazon and others so successful: convenience.’

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