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The Last of Us 2 Black Friday price is back – grab it while you can

If you missed out on The Last of Us 2 on Black Friday, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be a while before the next deal cropped up. Nil desperandum! The deal is back!

Via its eBay store Currys PC World is offering The Last Of Us 2 for just £24.99, compared to the recommended price of £49.99 for a game only released June 2020 and now a certified Game of the Year winner.

It’s available with free delivery in the UK, but it’s also a click & collect candidate from your local Currys PC World Store, potential lockdown implications notwithstanding.

DEAL: Get The Last Of Us 2 for £24.99 (50% off) on eBay

The Last of Us 2 earned a rare five-star review from the Trusted Reviews team following its launch. Our own Jade King called it “arguably the finest, most accomplished project Naughty Dog has ever embarked upon.” That’s high praise considering the studio has the Uncharted series under its belt too.

She wrote: “It’s far more than a traditional sequel, taking the original’s core message and expanding upon in ways that will be looked back on as brave, ambitious and undeniably controversial.”

Jade praised the deep narrative that builds upon the original, the touching and nuanced nature of Ellie’s story and the satisfying combat. She also praised how the game set a new benchmark for representation.

We won’t give too much away, but the sequel sees Ellie set out on a revenge mission, from the lush and safe mountain community of survivors in Jackson. Her journey takes her to the ruined city of Seattle. There she meets new groups of survivors, some friendlier than others, and makes new allies and enemies along the way.

DEAL: Get The Last Of Us 2 for £24.99 (50% off) on eBay

The game carries an 18 certificate, which is perhaps something to be aware of if a younger member of the household has requested this title for Christmas.