Game of Thrones Cluedo price slashed by over 30% (like the population of Westeros)

Winter isn’t just coming; it’s here! And that means a torrent of Black Friday deals so mighty that a wall and a bunch of hairy Northerners won’t stand a chance. Jon Snow’s too busy bagging a cheap Oculus Rift anyway.

Was it Cersei Lannister, in Qyburn’s Lab… with the Catspaw Assassin’s Dagger? That’s the kind of fun fantasy nonsense you’ll be able to spout while playing the Game of Thrones edition of classic detective game Cluedo, now massively price-slashed on Amazon.

Whether you’ve played the original version or not, you’ll have a blast with this. There’s a reason Cluedo has been around for decades, and spawned countless themed editions like this one. Pick up clues as you wander the board, trying to figure out who committed the crime, where and with which weapon – all before your opponents.

With that bunch of scheming gits, it could frankly be anyone. Probably Missandei – it’s always the quiet ones.

For a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, this could be the perfect Christmas present. Just practise your knowing Petyr Baelish smirk before handing it over.

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