Save £110 on LG MiniBeam ultra-short-throw projector, today only

Amazon has reduced the price of LG’s popular MiniBeam PH450UG projector to under £400, taking £110 off the asking price.

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to project a huge image in a very small space with a portable projector, the LG MiniBeam may well be for you. This tiny, 1.1kg HD projector can produce an image up to 40-inch diagonally from a distance of just 7.5cm. Move it back to 16cm and you’ll get 50 inches. It’s a massive picture. Normally this piece of kit would set you back £490, but for today’s Lightning Deal, Amazon has reduced it to £380.

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Our review from earlier this year was positive, and we awarded this projector 7/10 at full price. Here’s what we said:

“Not only is this ultra short throw projector easy to accommodate, but you no longer have to worry about casting a shadow by walking in front of the light – and it’s small enough to be carried about in a holdall.  

Overall, we rate the LG PH450UG as a novel and entertaining display option. This 720p portable is no alternative to a real home cinema projector, but it’s better than many Pico projectors that have preceded it, and can cast big images in spaces and locations unsuitable for big TVs or conventional projectors.”

You can also grab £100 off the the cheaper PH550G, or go high-end with the PF1000U that’s had £70 lopped off the price.

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