Samsung CHG90 curved gaming monitor gets £309 discount: Save big money on Trusted’s monitor of the year

Our absolute favourite gaming monitor of 2017 has just had a huge price cut over on Amazon in a superb Black Friday deal. It’s now under £1000 after starting out life at £1300.

Gaming monitors don’t tick many more boxes than the Samsung CHG90 (also known as the LC49HG90DMUXEN). This 49-inch curved screen has a massive resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels, which is effectively two Full HD monitors stuck together for the widest screen experience you can get on a gaming monitor.

BUY NOW: Samsung CHG90 at Amazon for £990, save £310

There’s a 144Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming in high-framerate titles, and support for AMD FreeSync, for even smoother gaming when the going gets tough.

It uses Quantum Dot technology for more accurate colours and has a massive, stylish stand with full height adjustment. It’s a true spectacle to behold.

When we reviewed this monitor earlier this year, we awarded it 9/10 and a Recommended award. Our reviewer said:

“This gargantuan screen is stylish, feature-packed, great for gaming and has excellent image quality… As for overall image quality, it’s fantastic. Thanks to each display being calibrated before it leaves the factory, the CHG90 should arrive good to go.”

BUY NOW: Samsung CHG90 at Amazon for £990, save £310

An Amazon reviewer had this to say: Picture quality wise the monitor impresses, whilst only vertically 1080p the image quality on offer is superb with none of the dirty look I’ve found before on other monitors like the Z35 for example. Colours are incredibly vibrant and really pop with a great black level providing the perfect backdrop.”

All in, this is a top-notch deal.

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