Roku’s latest 4K streaming stick has been price slashed by Tesco – now £69.99

You can get a great deal on loads of 4K TVs this Black Friday, but what are you going to watch on them?

That’s where this dinky streaming stick from Roku comes in. Plug this into the back of your telly, connect it to Wi-Fi and you’ll have access to a load of streaming services with plenty of content in 4K.

Even though it’s only just hit shelves, the Roku 4K Streaming Stick Plus has already had its price cut by Tesco. You can now save £10 off the original £79.99 taking this impressive bit of kit down to £69.99.

In our review we praised the impressive array of app support, excellent remote app and slick interface. We also commented on how well it kept a strong connection to your router, even when streaming 4K.

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Our verdict stated: ‘Why buy any streaming device at all? Because maybe your TV doesn’t have all the apps you want, or maybe your TV’s operating system is a pain to use. A good streaming device should bypass all that, giving you everything you want, with none of the hassle. That’s exactly what the Roku Streaming Stick Plus offers. Its app support and ease of use is unparalleled. It’s not oversimplified like the Google Chromecast Ultra, nor is it overpriced like the Apple TV 4K. If you just want a streamer that works, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus offers amazing value.’

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