Roku Deals: Get the latest 4K HDR Streaming Stick for under $50

The brand new Roku Streaming Stick Plus is one of the best media streamers around.

In our review published late last month, we gave the 4K HDR enabled streamer a 9/10 score for the neat interface, extensive app support and fast processor.

The lack of need for a dedicated AC adapter was also a bonus, as was the advanced wireless receiver that boosts the range fourfold. There’s also a voice remote with dedicated buttons for some of your favorite services.

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If you’ve been mulling a purchase for the last month, this significant discount should help you prize the credit card out of your wallet.

Amazon is offering the Roku Streaming Stick Plus for just $48.00, which is a $21.99 saving on the $69.99 list price.

Buy now: Get the Roku Streaming Stick+ for $48.00 (save $21.99) at Amazon US

In our review, we wrote: “Why buy any streaming device at all? Because maybe your TV doesn’t have all the apps you want, or maybe your TV’s operating system is a pain to use. A good streaming device should bypass all that, giving you everything you want, with none of the hassle. That’s exactly what the Roku Streaming Stick Plus offers.

“Its app support and ease of use is unparalleled. It’s not oversimplified like the Google Chromecast Ultra, nor is it overpriced like the Apple TV 4K. If you just want a streamer that works, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus offers amazing value.”

The Roku deal stands up well against rivals on Black Friday. The Google Chromecast Ultra is discounted, as is the new Amazon Fire TV Stick right now.

Buy now: Google Chomecast Ultra for $54.00 (save $15.99) from Target
Buy now: Amazon Fire TV Stick for $25 at Amazon US (save $15) 

Even on Black Friday, it’s rare to find brand new, critically acclaimed products at such a discount, so we’d consider jumping on this one with a quickness.

Roku vs Chromecast vs Fire TV stick? Which do you think is the best media streamer? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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