Best PSVR Deals: Get into Playstation VR with these great discounts

If you’re looking to get a foot into the world of virtual reality, this PlayStation VR bundle isn’t to be passed up.

Virtual reality is one of the biggest things in tech right now. But while the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require powerful PCs and lots of space, the PlayStation VR is making getting involved far easier.

PSVR Amazon Prime Day Deal

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Move Controllers Twin Pack (PS VR)

Sony’s PSVR is arguably the most accessible way to get into VR gaming, and the inclusion of two Move controllers gives you the full experience.

If you already own a PlayStation 4, then hopping aboard the world of VR is a breeze just by picking up the PlayStation VR headset. Better yet, Toby Deals has a sensational deal on a bundle with Gran Turismo Sport for just £199.99. Even with today’s new lower £259.99 starting price for the PSVR, that’s a fantastic price considering you get GT Sport included.

Deal: PlayStation VR with Gran Turismo Sport bundle just £202.99 at Toby Deals

So not only do you get the PSVR headset, but you get an excellent game to get you started as well. Gran Turismo Sport is a great introduction to VR, putting you right in the cockpit for a more immersive experience. It’s just like sitting inside your favourite cars. Racing games are also one of the best use cases for VR, allowing you to just turn your head to look around. The sense of speed from the first person view is also far more exhilarating.

Deal: PlayStation VR with Gran Turismo Sport bundle just £202.99 at Toby Deals

If you want to find out more about PSVR, be sure to read our PlayStation VR review where our Games Editor gave it 10/10, stating:

“PlayStation VR is simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now. It’s cheap while not compromising on performance and quality. The headset is simply stunning and incredibly comfortable to wear, and the games already available are some of the best VR experiences I’ve ever played.”

Playstation Plus Amazon Prime Day Deal

Prime Day Offer: PlayStation Plus 15 Month Membership

You can save £15 off the usual price for 15 months of Playstation Plus, which itself includes online gaming and free monthly games.

If you’re looking for other PSVR deals, we also have these excellent bundles. Our pick of the bunch is from GAME, which includes the starter pack – which includes the Playstation Camera – and a copy of Resident Evil 7. It’s one of the most immersive and frightening PSVR experiences going, and a real showcase for what VR gaming can deliver. To top it all off, you also get 2 months of NOW TV to sweeten the deal.

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