Best Philips Hue Deals: Get 3 for 2 from Currys and now Amazon

Currys and Amazon are currently giving you 3 for 2 on certain Philips Hue bulbs, making it a perfect time to join the smart lighting revolution on the cheap.

Update: Now 3 for 2 from Amazon, too

Amazon has brought back its 3 for 2 offer on select Philips Hue products and the good news is that it’s a little more flexible compared to Currys. You’re able to mix and match products and you get the cheapest free, whereas Currys (see below) require you to buy three of the same product to qualify.

The discount is per transaction, so make your purchases in sets of 3 to properly take advantage of the discount. Don’t forget to tactically group your products so that you get the most expensive possible product free each time.

Eligible products include the Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch, Motion Sensor and a range of bulbs including GU10, B22, E14, E27, A19 and E14 fittings.

If the Hue products you’re after aren’t available, be sure to check Currys below…

We’re massive fans of Philips Hue bulbs here at Trusted towers. They offer a fantastic way to add smart lighting into your home with ease, and the good news is that you can now do so on the cheap, courtesy of Currys and Amazon.

Following in the footsteps of Amazon’s Philips Hue 3 for 2 promotion last month (which has subsequently finished), Currys is now offering 3 for 2 on certain Hue bulbs. The big difference is that this time you need to buy 3 of the same bulb to qualify. Still, if you’ve got lots of the same light fittings throughout your home it’s the perfect time to pick up a bunch for a whole lot less money.

Everything from GU10 dimmable spot light bulbs to E14 LED bulbs to E27 fittings to B22 Bayonetta fittings are available. That’s the great thing about Philips Hue: there are so many options available for different light fittings and uses.

To save you time, here’s the full list of 3 for 2 Philips Hue bulbs from Currys.

Top tip: If you’re after a particular model, hit Ctrl + F or Cmd + F and search for it, e.g ‘GU10’ to quickly see if it’s available.

Don’t forget you need to buy 3 of the same product to qualify, so if you’re going for a twin pack, make sure you want six bulbs in total.

So why do you want to upgrade to smart lighting? Philips Hue are compatible with a range of services, from its own app to the likes of Amazon Alexa. That means you can use your smartphone to turn your lights on and off, or even your voice with Alexa. Hue will also plug into other services so you can connect the bulbs to other smart functions like your heating. You can really get creative with how you use your Philips Hue bulbs.

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