Pamper your pooch with a Furbo treat tossing pet camera – whopping £94 off

Amazon has wiped £94 off the price of the excellent Furbo treat tossing pet camera in a one day only deal as part of its Cyber Monday deals.

Buy now: Furbo treat tossing pet camera just £155 at Amazon – save £94

Ever worry about what your pampered pooch is up to when you’re at work? Perhaps you suffer from separation anxiety more than your beloved fluffikins.

Well, the Furbo pet camera is the perfect bargain this Cyber Monday. Amazon has wiped £94 off its usual price so you can bag one for just £155. But you better act fast as this deal expires in one day.

This pet camera has an attractive design so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb wherever you place it in your home, so it’s a much better choice than most standard connected security cameras. The best bit, though? That’ll be the treat tossing ability. Just pour some of your pet’s favourite snacks inside and you can remotely send a tasty snack to your pooch even when you’re out of the house.

Buy now: Furbo treat tossing pet camera just £155 at Amazon – save £94

Furbo Dog Camera 2

The Furbo has a 720p camera with excellent video quality and its night mode works fantastically well, too. We gave it an 8/10 review stating: “The video quality is fantastic and the treat dispensing works, well, a treat. It’s also an attractive and well-designed pet gadget, which shouldn’t be overlooked for something that will be in sight of all to see. The peace of mind of being able to check in on your pets and interact with them is also something you soon realise you can’t live without.”

Our major reason for not scoring it higher was its score: “However, as a result of its price, the Furbo is likely to fall into more “luxury” camp than “must have” for most pet owners. But if no expense is spared when it comes to your precious “Snookums”, you’ll find plenty to like about the Furbo – and there’s no doubt that tossing treats like Pokéballs can be a whole lot of fun.”

So now that it’s a bargain £155 price, we no longer hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend the Furbo. An absolute steal at just £155 if you nab one today.

Buy now: Furbo treat tossing pet camera just £155 at Amazon – save £94

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