Party like it’s 2001 with the Nokia 3310 for just £20 on O2 Pay and Go

Forget the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, we all know that what everyone really wants is the Nokia 3310.

Buy Now: Nokia 3310 from O2 for just £20

Just look at these incredible specs. There’s a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 TFT screen that’s just perfect for playing Snake on.

There’s a microSD card to expand the already generous 128MB of internal storage AND a 3.5mm headphone jack – two features you won’t find on some 2017 smartphones that cost more than £800.

Then there’s the battery life that will outstay the welcome of an annoying relative visiting from abroad. This phone has it all.

All jokes aside, the new Nokia 3310 was overpriced when it came out at £70. There are just as capable, and far cheaper, feature phones around for less than that. Some of them are even made by Nokia! But at just £20 this becomes a solid phone for either a child you want to keep in touch with when out, a relative who doesn’t hold much sway with technology or as a second phone to keep in the glovebox in case of emergencies.

We didn’t like this phone very much at its full asking price, bemoaning it as a marketing exercise gone horribly wrong, but at just £20 it becomes a much more compelling proposition. The newly added 3G also makes the Nokia 3310 a significant step up from the first version that was launched to such fanfare earlier in the year.

Buy Now: Nokia 3310 from O2 for just £20

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