Nintendo Switch deal gets you console and a game for under £300

It’s never too late to jump on the Nintendo Switch bandwagon, and a getting a great deal will make the journey even better.

Argos is doing a great deal on the Nintendo Switch when you buy it with Cars 3: Driven to Win, a video game based on the hugely popular animated movie franchise.

Normally, the console and the game bought together would cost you £314.98, but you can get both via Argos for a bargain price of £299.99.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch with Cars 3 at Argos for £299.99

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled last October, and eventually released in March this year. It’s the first proper hybrid console from the company, intended to primarily function as a home console – but one that can also be taken out of the house and used portably.

That’s because the Nintendo Switch is actually a tablet, which can be placed into a dock and connected to a TV. But you can use it on the move too.

The roster of games isn’t massive yet, but there have been some clear hits, including the critically-acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch with Cars 3 at Argos for £299.99

We gave the Nintendo Switch a very respectable 4/5 score, praising the console’s excellent ease-of-use, the highly portable gaming experience, the useful and well-designed Joy-Con controllers, and the bright and colourful screen.

Here’s our verdict: “I’ve slowly but surely been won over by the charm of the Switch. Its versatility and accessibility make it a joy to play, particularly as a portable machine. With Nintendo swiftly addressing my biggest concern with the hardware, it’s hard to argue this console isn’t absolutely brimming with potential in the months to come.”

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch with Cars 3 at Argos for £299.99

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