Boost Nintendo Switch Joy-Con battery life for £10 with this deal

Deal-hungry Nintendo Switch owners can now bag a serious bargain on two battery packs for their Joy-Con controllers – and we’ve got all the details.

Amazon is selling the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory Pair for an incredibly cheap price of just £10.79.

That’s a major steal, since most retailers are still selling it for the recommend retail price of £29.99, including Game, Argos, and Smyths Toys. Perhaps more confusingly, a number of online retailers are selling the gadget for even more than the usual £30 tag – so Amazon’s offer is an assured bargain.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Battery Pack at Amazon for £10.79

The Battery Pack Accessory Pair is a great way to extend the battery life of your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

You get two battery packs with each purchase; these packs house two AA batteries each, and can be clipped on to the back of a Joy-Con.

This means you can boost the battery life, as well as adding more heft to the Joy-Cons if you’re an adult with particularly large hands.

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Battery Pack at Amazon for £10.79

We haven’t reviewed the battery packs, but they’ve been reviewed twice on Amazon by customers, scoring 5/5 both times.

We gave the Nintendo Switch console a 4/5 score, praising the console’s ease of use, the system’s unique portability, the impressive Joy-Cons, and the bright and colourful screen. Here’s our verdict:

“I’ve slowly but surely been won over by the charm of the Switch. Its versatility and accessibility make it a joy to play, particularly as a portable machine. With Nintendo swiftly addressing my biggest concern with the hardware, it’s hard to argue this console isn’t absolutely brimming with potential in the months to come.”

Buy Now: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Battery Pack at Amazon for £10.79

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