MoviePass for $7 a month is a Black Friday week no-brainer, shame it’s US-only

MoviePass, the subscription service that enables you to watch films at 91% of theaters across the United States, is just $6.95 a month for a limited time.

Those willing to pay $89.95 up front for a 12-month suscription will receive a hefty discount on the usual $9.95 a month offering.

Buy now: Get MoviePass for $6.95 a month

Subscribers to the Netflix-for-cinemas style offering are entitled to see one movie a day for the entire calendar year. Yes, every single day.

Using the MoviePass app, subscribers can get e-tickets to some theaters and check in to pick up tickets from the box office at others.

The company says the pass entitles them to see any movie (so long as its 2D) at any time, even on opening night. There are no blackout dates and the network includes 4,000 cinemas.

Steep discount

Given the cost of the average movie ticket is above $10, the subscription is a complete no-brainer for those who make a trip to the cinema once a month.

The limited time discount is startling considering the company’s prices were as high as $50 a month for some monthly subscription packages.

MoviePass, which has 600,000 subscribers across the United States, hasn’t revealed how long the discounted subscription will be available for, so jump in while you can.

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