Mini price for the Libratone Zipp Mini Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Speaker – Save yourself over £30 right now

Amazon has slashed the price of the Libratone Zipp Mini Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker as part of Black Friday.

Buy now: Libratone Zipp Mini for £136.85 at Amazon, save £32.15

The Libratone Zipp Mini is one seriously versatile little speaker. Not only does it have Bluetooth support for wireless pairing with your audio sources, it also has Wi-Fi for multiroom, too. It doesn’t stop there, though, as it’s also battery operated with 10 hours of music playback so you can put the speaker wherever you want. Pick up more than one and you can pair them up in a multitude of ways and decide where you want to play your favourite tunes. You can connect up to 6 speakers using Libratone’s SoundSpace Link.

These speakers also have 360-degree sound, meaning your music is blasted in every direction without a ‘sweet spot’. That means a great listening experience wherever you are in the room. Top this all off with some lovely Scandinavian design and you’re onto a real winner. There’s an intuitive and attractive touchpad on the top for ease of use, and you can also use the companion app to control each speaker. This also gives you access to 1000s of internet radio stations, as well as your own library.

With 60W of output power, you’re not left wanting for room-filling sound, too. It’ll definitely be a massive upgrade on the disappointing speaker built into your phone, so now’s the time for a serious audio upgrade. Amazon has reduced the price by a tasty £32.19, so you can pick up a Libratone Zipp Mini for just £136.85 – making now a perfect time to get started with multiroom audio on the cheap.

Buy now: Libratone Zipp Mini for £136.85 at Amazon, save £32.15

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