Black Friday Kindle Deals: All of the best deals

Best Black Friday Kindle Deals: Black Friday is mere weeks away and if you’re looking for a new e-reader this festive season you’ve come to the right place.

This isn’t just a case of Amazon squeezing its rivals out of the market either. Amazon Kindle devices really do provide the best all-round e-book experience.

The Kindle family itself is as broad and diverse as it’s ever been, with three current offerings covering a range of price points. Thankfully, Amazon’s virtual e-reader monopoly doesn’t preclude the possibility of getting a great deal on any of these. Indeed, the online retailer is always offering fresh incentives to join the Kindle brigade.

Occasionally, you’ll even find a great Kindle deal from the retailer other than Amazon itself, such as Currys or John Lewis. Depending on your priorities, it’s now possible to get a genuinely cheap Kindle.

We’re here to bring together all of the best Amazon Kindle deals from across the web. If there aren’t any stand-out deals, we’ll simply show you the full price listings, so you can be sure you’re always getting the lowest price around.

Here are the best Kindle deals you can find right now.

Best Kindle Deals

Best Kindle Deals

All-new Kindle Paperwhite - Now waterproof and twice the storage - with special offers

Amazon’s new Paperwhite adds waterproofing and a bunch more storage to the already near-faultless e-reader mix.

Certified Refurbished Kindle Oasis E-reader, Waterproof, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Built-In Audible, 8 GB Wi-Fi

Save £30 on this Certified Refurbished Kindle Oasis. You still get a 12-month warranty making this a great choice.

You can pay an extra £10 with the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite deals to remove the Special Offers feature – sponsored screensavers that display when the Kindle is in sleep mode. It’s worth knowing in case you’re after a peaceful and ad-free reading experience. When buying from Amazon, just select that option below the price details.

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Best Cheap Black Friday Kindle deals: Which Kindle should you buy?

The humble e-reader has come a long way since the first-generation launched in all of its greyscale, QWERTY keyboard-clad glory back in 2007 (yep, it really is 11 years since the Kindle was born). There are currently 3 models available to buy brand new, all sporting touchscreens, Wi-Fi, vastly improved displays and features galore.

First up is the basic Kindle, a budget crowdpleaser at just £59.99. It has a 6-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a nice long battery life. Then there’s the aforementioned all-new Kindle Paperwhite, resplendent with a built-in light, glare-free screen and fast performance and new water-resistance. It’s available with Wi-Fi only, or both Wi-Fi and 4G. The Paperwhite has recently been updated and it now packs a flush display, Audible support and a thinner design. It currently retails for £119.99.

If you’re serious about your reading tech, the Kindle Oasis is the priciest and most feature-rich Kindle going. It’s a much slimmed down version of the Kindle Voyage, and Amazon is about to roll out a newly updated version complete with waterproofing, a high-res display and an adaptive front light. Prices start at £229 for the Wi-Fi only version.

Now defunct is the Kindle Voyage, which came with haptic sensors, a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display and adaptive front light. It was sleek, skinny and perfect for the avid traveller, but it’s now been replaced by the aforementioned Oasis. You can still pick up a reconditioned model if you look around though but not directly through Amazon.

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