Best iPhone 7 Deals for November 2018

Best iPhone 7 Deals: Looking for a cracking deal on Apple’s iPhone 7? Then you’re in the right place for some great savings.

With so many successors having come and gone, you’d be forgiven for wondering why the iPhone 7 is still around but the phone is still being fully supported by Apple and is now the best option for anyone hoping to join the iPhone bandwagon without forking out a small fortune.

Getting the obvious out of the way, the battery on the iPhone 7 is not as good as it could be but it’s a fair trade off when you consider just how low the price is when compared to other iPhone models. A way around this would be to pick up a battery pack, which can be bought for under £20, giving you enough juice to get you through the day.

Moving away from that setback, the iPhone 7 still boasts a plethora of great features including water resistance, 3D Touch with haptic feedback and a solid 4.7 inch screen. Speaking of the screen, the iconic iPhone design pre-iPhone X is still here, which is certainly preferable if the new ‘notch’ display isn’t to your liking.

The top iPhone 7 deals right now

iPhone 7 32GB Silver - Handset only (Plus £40 Apple Store Gift Card)

If you're happy to buy an iPhone 7 outright, then the Apple Store is giving away £40 Apple Store Gift Cards with every purchase.

iPhone 7 32GB – 20GB of data on EE

If you're a very heavy data user, you might want to consider this fantastic deal from EE. It also includes 6 months of Apple Music to sweeten the deal as well as BT Sports Mobile for the entirety of your contract. Great if you're a sports fan and some serious added value.

iPhone 7 32GB – 4GB of data on Vodafone (use code TRUSTED10 to save £10)

This Vodafone deal has a decent amount of data for most average users and the upfront cost means lower monthly payments. Save £10 with code TRUSTED10.

What’s more, the low price of the iPhone 7 makes it a great shout for anyone after a high data contract at an affordable rate. Of course, we still have several options available for low data contracts and SIM-free devices – just take a gander at whatever has your fancy.

If you want to know more about the specs of the iPhone 7, or about how to decide which contract is the best option for you then scroll on past the deals and take a look at our handy purchase guide.

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Best iPhone 7 Deals – 4-8GB of data

Some of us just aren’t cut out for a life of constant live-streaming, and there’s no shame in that. These low data contracts are best for anyone who enjoys only a moderate amount of social media and web surfing on the go. What’s more, your self-restraint will bag you a cheaper contract than those found in the high-data category.

Right now, you can use code TRUSTED10 to instantly save £10 on any upfront cost from

Best iPhone 7 deals – 4-8GB of data

iPhone 7 32GB – 4GB of data on Vodafone (use TRUSTED10 to save £10)

This Vodafone deal has a decent amount of data for most average users and the upfront cost means lower monthly payments. Save £10 with code TRUSTED10.

iPhone 7 32GB – 4GB of data on O2 (use TRUSTED10 to save £10)

Alternatively, there's this O2 deal that reduces the upfront cost but does mean a higher monthly cost. Use TRUSTED10 to save £10.

iPhone 7 32GB – 20GB of data on EE

Unless you're dead set on signing up with O2, I would personally recommend this deal over the previous offer. Not only are you getting the same monthly price but there's also no upfront cost. Factor in the six months of free Apple Music and an unlimited subscription (until your contract runs out) of BT Sport and you've got one heck of a deal.

Best iPhone 7 Deals – 10-30GB of data

Time to break out the big guns and binge through your favourite Netflix series. These high-data contracts are for internet junkies only – everyone else need not apply. When the Wi-Fi breaks down, you’ll be the first person everyone comes to to tether their device to your mighty data allowance, just be prepared to pay a higher price for the privilege.

Right now, you can use code TRUSTED10 to instantly save £10 on any upfront cost from

Best iPhone 7 deals – 10-30GB of data

iPhone 7 32GB – 30GB of data, Unlimited minutes and texts on EE

If you're a very heavy data user, you might want to consider this fantastic deal from EE. It also includes 6 months of Apple Music to sweeten the deal as well as BT Sports Mobile for the entirety of your contract. Great if you're a sports fan and some serious added value.

Best iPhone 7 Deals – SIM-Free

If you’re happy with the contract you have and aren’t looking to change anytime soon then these are the deals for you. For the SIM-free iPhone 7, Amazon has the competition beat right now, both on the brand new and refurbished models.

Best SIM-free iPhone 7 Deals

Apple iPhone 7 SIM-Free 32GB – Black

£109.01 off the RRP is one heck of a saving and the best deal that you can find right now on a brand new, SIM-free iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 32GB - UK SIM-Free - Gold

For just a bit more you can have the Gold version of the iPhone 7 – an essential design for any fashionistas out there.

Apple iPhone 7 32GB, SIM-Free

It might not have the cheapest price but buying through John Lewis will grant you an extra year's warranty right out of the gate – handy for any butterfingers in the audience.

More of the best iPhone 7 deals

iPhone 7 not the phone for you?

Consider these:

What you need to know about the iPhone 7

Key Features

  • 4.7-inch 326ppi wide-colour-gamut display
  • 32, 128 and 256GB storage options
  • Water-resistant IP67
  • A10 Fusion chip
  • 2GB RAM
  • 12MP camera with OIS
  • 7MP front camera
  • Taptic engine with 3D Touch

How to pick the right iPhone 7 deal for you

iPhone 7 deal

Work out how much data you need

Nowadays, call minutes and texts are practically redundant. Most networks will give you more than you’ll ever need – if not just an unlimited amount of each. The amount of data provided is how most contracts now differ, as everyone increasingly uses their phones for the internet and streaming.

With the likes of WhatsApp and FaceTime, people no longer need their call or text allowances, as both of these services will use your data allowance. If you’re stream a lot of video, on YouTube or Netflix for instance, you’ll want to have more data. A safe starting amount for a low data user is around 4-10GB. If you find yourself streaming music and video a lot, you’ll want more.

Having more data will also mean you can tether your secondary device like a laptop or tablet to use your phone’s data allowance over a mobile hotspot.

Make sure you compare the contract prices for both low and high data contracts. Sometimes you can get more data for exactly the same price, and there’s no reason not to have the extra data just in case. It gives you a bit of breathing room if you decide you do want to tether a second device or stream a lot of content.

Consider what you’re willing to pay upfront

Buying a phone outright SIM free can be seriously expensive. But as phones get older, their cost also tends to decrease. This is one of the reasons why the iPhone 7 is now a good budget choice even though it was a flagship phone less than two years ago.

As the iPhone 7 is a bit older, you’re typically expected to pay less upfront than when it first launched. This is great news as it means you can spread the cost. Having said that, the general rule still applies: the more you pay upfront, the less you pay for the total cost of ownership (TCO).

TCO is calculated by taking the monthly cost and multiplying that by the length of the contract (typically 24 months). Then simply add the upfront cost to calculate how much you’ll have spent by the end.

How to choose the right mobile network

iPhone 8 back

If you’ve had a great experience with one particular network, the thought of leaving it for the sake of a better deal elsewhere can be daunting. But there’s a good chance you might even end up feeling more at home once you’ve settled into a new network and exploited some of its perks and features.

Take Three and O2. Both providers have some cracking extras that could well clinch it for the undecided shopper. Three’s Go Binge Service is a brilliant bonus that gives you unlimited 4G streaming on top apps like Netflix, Deezer and TVPlayer without guzzling your own data allowance.

Sign up with O2 and you get access to Priority Tickets, which lets you buy gig tickets 48 hours before everyone else. There’s also O2 Refresh, letting you trade in your phone at any time to upgrade, as well as cutting your monthly bill once you’ve paid off the cost of your phone.

O2 also has introduced Flexible Tariffs that give you the option of changing your airtime tariff up or down once a month – a great option if your phone needs and habits change drastically from month to month because of work, travel or social commitments.

Make sure you check out what free subscription services the networks are offering along with their mobile deals. It might be that there’s a perfect package waiting for you somewhere that you didn’t know existed.

Vodafone is giving customers the pick of a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV with certain Red Entertainment packages at the moment, while EE is offering Apple Music and BT Sports. It’s worth factoring in the usual cost of these services (provided you actually want them) when weighing up different contract prices.

Check network coverage

Good coverage for calls and mobile data in your area is important, and luckily the main networks offer a coverage checker on their website, as well as boasting fairly unapologetically about just how far their coverage stretches. EE claims to have the biggest 4G coverage in the UK, while it was actually O2 that won the best network coverage in the 2018 uSwitch Mobile Awards.

Here are links to the main coverage checkers so you can be sure you’re not living in a total dead spot before you sign up:

Wi-Fi calling

If you find yourself struggling for network coverage in certain locations, but you do have access to Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi calling might be your saviour. This lets you use your internet connection to make and receive calls and texts, bypassing the need for reception from a traditional cellular tower. This is great if you’re working somewhere that’s not got great reception like a basement and can seriously alleviate network woes.

To turn on Wi-Fi calling, on an iPhone 7 simply go to: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and enable the option. All of the UK’s big network operators now support Wi-Fi calling.

Transfer your old phone number

If you decide to take up a new contract and change network provider, the great news is that you can take your old phone number with you. To do this, you’ll simply need to phone up your old operator and ask for a PAC code. Then you contact your new provider – either over the phone or often online – and give them this PAC code.

The PAC code basically gives permission for your number to be ported across from one provider to the other. This whole process typically takes one business day, so it’s worth keeping your old SIM around until it happens. But the good news is that you don’t need to message everyone in your phone book to tell them you have a new phone number like days gone by.

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