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Here’s a rare chance to order Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

At the moment, it’s near to impossible to get a brand new copy of Ring Fit Adventure, for obvious reasons. Scan is the first online retailer to show that it’s got incoming stock for the game, so now’s the time to snap it up.

With millions of people across the UK stuck indoors, working from home and self-isolating, Ring Fit Adventure is in high demand. It’s the perfect cocktail of gaming and exercise, keeping you entertained and helping you work up a sweat while you’re stuck inside.

The Ring Fit Adventure is the perfect way to get active while playing your Nintendo Switch. Currently, you can pre-order a Ring Fit package for £64.99 via Scan.

The Ring Fit Adventure is the current-gen answer to the Wii Fit, giving users a way to enjoy gaming while getting their hearts pumping.

The game takes players into fantasy surroundings where they jog, squat and pose their way through a variety of environments and challenges. There is a story mode, as well as a variety of quick play adventures and ways to play along with friends.

The game landed back in October but has been in high demand since, with the on-going Covid-19 lockdown situation making gamers even keener on the idea of something that combines exercise and gaming.

Our preview said: “Setting up the game seems fairly easy – you won’t need a large board like the Wii Fit. You simply need to place a Joy-Con in the leg strap and attach it to your thigh. For the Ring Con, you slide the Joy-Con onto a clip at one side then hold the grips.

“The peripherals can provide a great level of tracking too. If you enter your age and weight, Ring Fit Adventure can measure your activity and calorie-burning. The Joy-Con will also measure your pulse using its IR blaster.”