Google Wifi Deals: Kill online blackspots with this great Amazon US bundle

The Google Wifi system is a veritable saviour for those who’ve struggled to maintain whole home wireless connectivity.

The mesh system, which plays nice with a wired modem, enables folks to eliminate Wi-Fi blackspots around the home.

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With a 3-pack you can ensure Wi-Fi access through a 4,500 square foot area; wiping out dead zones and guarding against buffering.

It also features a unique network assist technology that ensures automatic selection of the clearest and fastest Wi-Fi channel, without you having to intervene.

There’s also a really neat app interface that makes it easy to prioritise devices, check on connectivity and even pause Wi-Fi access during family time.

Now is unquestionably the perfect time to embrace Google Wi-Fi with Amazon US offering a $50 discount on a 3-pack.

Buy: Google Wifi 3-pack for $249 (save $50) on Amazon US

If you only want one Google Wi-Fi (which is probably all that’s necessary if you live in an apartment), Amazon is offering a single router for just $99 compared to the list price of $129.

In our review (updated earlier this month) we praised the Google Home for its easy setup, well-designed app, attractive build and reliable far-reaching connectivity.

Our reviewer wrote: “The Google Wifi is yet another impressively reliable addition to the world of mesh routers. If you’re looking to get consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, it’s a perfectly decent, affordable option.”

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