This Google Pixel deal gets you an incredible £200 saving

Hoping to bag a decent Android smartphone? Look no further than this solid deal on a Google Pixel, which saves you as much as £200.

UK electronics retailer Carphone Warehouse is selling the Google Pixel – Google’s latest flagship smartphone – for a bargain price of £399.99 – far below the usual £599 price tag.

It seems most retailers are still selling the device at full price. Both Currys and the official Google Store list it for £599, for instance. And Amazon UK has a cheaper price of £529.99, but that’s still far more expensive than the Carphone Warehouse price.

Buy Now: Google Pixel at Carphone Warehouse for £399.99

Google announced the Pixel smartphone back in October 2016, to largely positive critical reception. The handsets were part of a new ‘Made by Google’ ecosystem that meant the phones were designed in-house, but had their manufacturing contracted out to a third-party – in this case, Taiwan’s HTC.

The Google Pixel boasts a 5-inch Full HD display, a 12.3-megapixel camera, a fingerprint scanner, 32GB storage, and the AI-powered Google Assistant virtual helper. It runs on the purest version of Android 7.1 Nougat, and will likely receive the final version of the upcoming Android O update before most other devices.

Buy Now: Google Pixel at Carphone Warehouse for £399.99

We were very impressed with the Google Pixel, awarding it a high 4.5/5 score in our full product review. We praised the handset’s stunning camera, clean Android operating system, good size, and super-fast performance.

Here’s our long-term verdict, as written by Max Parker in July 2017 at the full review price of £599:

“If you want a phone with the best camera and software available, the Google Pixel remains a fantastic choice. It’s not the flashiest phone in 2017 and the fact that it still commands a high price might put some off, but if you want the best photos from a phone then this is your top pick.”

Buy Now: Google Pixel at Carphone Warehouse for £399.99

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