Get a move on if you want to save £45 on the TomTom Runner 3 GPS running watch

Save an impressive £45 on the excellent TomTom Runner 3 GPS running watch for Black Friday courtesy of Amazon.

Buy now: TomTom Runner 3 for just £125.17 at Amazon, save £45

If the thought of piling on the pounds over Christmas is already filling you with dread, get a head start by picking up the excellent TomTom Runner 3 running watch to get you motivated.

Or perhaps you’re already an avid runner looking to take the next step, then the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor will help you to monitor your progress with more accurate distance and pace tracking. There’s also a compass inside, which when combined with the GPS lets you leave digital breadcrumbs as you run so you can always find your way back to the start. It’s perfect if you run in unfamiliar locations, such as when you travel for work and still want to get in the miles, as you won’t worry about getting lost.

Buy now: TomTom Runner 3 for just £125.17 at Amazon, save £45

There’s support for .GPX files as well, so you can upload your own running routes. Using online services, you can even instantly plot routes of specific lengths, which is perfect if you’re training for a particular distance or race. You also get all-day activity and sleep tracking, making it a fantastic sports watch and fitness tracker combined. There’s also built-in storage so you can store your own music and pair Bluetooth headphones for a phone-free experience.

We reviewed the TomTom Spark 3, which is functionally identical aside from a slightly different strap, and praised how much you get for your money: “The TomTom Spark 3 really does pack in a lot for the price. Despite being cheaper than a lot of the competition, this watch allows the wearer to get out minus a connected smartphone.” Consider this was at a higher price, this makes the Amazon Black Friday price even more of a bargain.

Buy now: TomTom Runner 3 for just £125.17 at Amazon, save £45

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