Get $250 off the most Essential Android phone of 2017 at Amazon US

If you’re looking for a high-end smartphone that’ll help you stand out from the crowd, Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone (PH-1) is definitely worth a look.

The PH-1 handset, released in the US earlier this year, bears all the hallmarks of a 2017 flagship and then some.

There’s an edge-to-edge display (that’s decidedly notch-free), a dual rear-facing camera and a premium titanium/ceramic build that has the big guns looking anxiously over their shoulders.

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Thanks to an early Black Friday offer on Amazon US right now, the Essential PH-1 is an even more enticing proposition for smartphone fanciers.

Instead of the $699 asking price, a 128GB unlocked version of the device can be nabbed for $449. That’s a saving of $249. Wowsers.

Given Amazon will ship the phone to the United Kingdom, it’s also a great way to get ahold of the device that is yet to be officially released in Blighty.

Buy now: Essential PH-1 128GB unlocked from Amazon US for $499

The phone runs Android 7.1.1, however the firm has just launched an Android Oreo beta meaning the update will arrive before too long.

Teething problems over

Although Essential is up and running now, the PH-1 hasn’t been without problems.

Shipping was delayed for weeks beyond the planned arrival, with Essential not offering a reason for the hold up.

The issues seem to have been resolved now, with availability spreading to multiple carriers in the US, beyond the tie in with the Sprint network.

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