The Furby Connect is the perfect kids’ Christmas present and a steal at just £20

Toys R Us has discounted the price of the excellent Furby Connect as part of its Cyber Monday deals. Grab one for just £20.

Buy now: Furby Connect just £19.96 at Toys R Us, save £80

If you’re on the hunt for a bargain Christmas present to keep the kids entertained, look no further than this sensational deal on a Furby Connect. You can buy one at Toys R Us for just £19.96, a major saving on its original £99.99 price.

You might remember Furby was the must-have Christmas present back in the 90s, well the Furby Connect is taking the classic toy and making it bang up to date. The hint is in the name, as it now connects to a companion app on your phone for even more fun and interaction.

Buy now: Furby Connect just £19.96 at Toys R Us, save £80

The Furby Connect also now has animated eyes to help express what Furby wants and Furby responds to your kid’s petting, tickling and shaking. The app opens up the fun with videos you can watch together and plenty of new content. All this guarantees the Furby Connect won’t be going straight back in its box after five minutes.

We gave the Furby Connect an 8/10 review back when it was full price, stating: “Although skeptical of the Furby Connect at first, I have to say that I’ve been converted. Offline play alone is impressive, but add to this the online content – which is set to grow – and Furby Connect is sure to deliver hours of fun for its £100 price.”

Now that you can grab one for just £19.96, this is the perfect gift for your kids this Christmas.

Buy now: Furby Connect just £19.96 at Toys R Us, save £80

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